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Want to Achieve Financial Freedom?

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The Private Wealth Club is Your Exclusive Access to the Secrets of the Top 1%

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You'll Discover

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Industry Secrets

from an Expert Coach



Practical Methods

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Strategies to Take the Power Back from Wall Street

About the Private Wealth Club

The PWC offers monthly coaching from Michael D Wall, community of likeminded investors, and premier education to empower you to take the power back from Wall Street.

What Makes the PWC Different?

Financial Report


You Learn Strategy 

Not Just Termonology

Family at a Beach


Lifestyle Application and Guidance

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Long-Term Focus

Not Get-Rich-Quick

With insight and knowledge seen on national media outlets like:


The Core Curriculum

The core curriculum offers education on the basics of investing including how to set up a portfolio, understanding the difference between traditional and Roth IRAs, and much more. These videos equip you with the knowledge to manage your wealth and grow your financial freedom. 

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Monthly Videos

Monthly videos with lessons designed by Michael Wall will cover a wide range of topics including investments, portfolio building, tax planning, and legacy planning. These pre-recorded videos are available to assist members with more advanced coaching and portfolios.


Expert Coaching

Michael Wall is the president and CEO of several financial companies with over 21 years of experience in the financial space. He was sought out by several national media outlets for his knowledge including Fox Business, Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes, and others. He is bringing his experience and knowledge straight to your device! 

Our Club Benefits


Convenience and Timeliness

The Private Wealth Club offers financial education from the convenience of your mobile or desktop device. Through the club, you'll receive timely information and education based on the current market and portfolio trends.  


Exclusive Curriculum

Many financial subscription services lack the independence to share information about a variety of portfolio options and investment strategies. With the Private Wealth Club, you will get access to industry secrets, a variety of investments strategies, and find clear communication that empowers you to make informed decisions with your wealth.